Design, Surveying & Planning for Property in Cornwall

“Realise your property ideas with Inspire Design & Surveying”

For domestic and commercial extensions or property alterations across Cornwall, Inspire Design & Surveying, provides guidance to property owners and developers on what is architecturally possible within the realms of local planning constraints.

In some cases, obtaining planning permission can prove to be a tricky situation for owners who want to make changes to their property. Not knowing how to go about the process or negotiate with council planners in the correct verbal and written context can be daunting.

However, here at Inspire Design & Surveying we make the design process far easier for clients. Our friendly and approachable service liaises with planning departments to ensure that your application has the best chance of gaining planning permission.

Designed on Autodesk CAD, our detailed bespoke drawings illustrate the new design and spatial enhancements which are sympathetic to your aesthetic vision and surroundings. Further to this, our designs include essential information such as key dimensions and building regulation compliance details such as energy efficiency and fire safety measures.


Our design & planning architectural digital design services illustrate: –

  • New Build Construction Projects
  • Domestic & Commercial Extensions
  • Property Conversions
  • Internal & External Building Alterations
Inspire Design & Surveying talked through our ideas and produced detailed drawings which met our expectations and planning application requirements.

Would recommend to any homeowner who requires design drawings to extend or convert their property. M. Mottram
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